The Buqi System

Energy Healing

energy healing pic 1Buqi is an energy healing treatment system that has been developed from Chinese medicine and uses techniques that were almost lost. The system is based on the theory that disease is caused by the build-up of pathogenic factors and toxic by-products. These pathogenic factors, known as Binqi, accumulate in the body, in particular in the inter-vertebral spaces, joints and organs. Negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear and sadness, are another type of Binqi.

These emotions can affect the body's biochemistry. The accumulation of Binqi leads to blockages in organs, joints and the energy channels. The resulting dysfunction leads to impaired body fluid circulation (blood, lymph, intercellular and cerebrospinal fluid) and stagnation of energy flow. Thus we can become vulnerable to disease.

At the heart of a Buqi treatment is the healing force of the Dantian, an energy centre located in the lower abdomen. The dantian, when activated, can generate a strong internal force and it is this force that every Buqi practitioner must first learn to find and develop. During a Buqi treatment the practitioner activates their own energy system, creates an energy field around the patient, and then directs binqi out of the patient's body.

Buqi does not normally involve touch, and one may work a few inches or even feet away from the patient. Through exercise, the practitioner will develop the ability to direct energy by combining the use of mental force, breathing and dantian force. This not only clears the patient's energy system, but can also subtly re-align body posture.

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Posture is realigned using spontaneous movement; this is a natural phenomenon that happens constantly without us being aware. Cell movement itself is one kind of spontaneous movement and just think about the heartbeat, peristalsis of the digestive tract, yawning, blinking of the eyelids, etc. These are part of our body's self-regulation mechanism.

However, in many people this self-regulatory function is impaired; many of the internal spontaneous functions are weak and deficient. This can lead to a feeling of low energy, tiredness, and inthe long run often results in more serious disease. During a Buqi treatment, the spontaneous reactions of the body are activated and optimised; patients may experience strong external spontaneous movements, as the body identifies blockages. These spontaneous movements help to open blocked areas and eliminate binqi.

Buqi theory is based on the double vicious circle of disease. The two circles are the vicious circle of body posture and the vicious circle of the mind. If one these circles can be broken the symptoms of disease can be treated and health may be restored.

In the five-day Buqi course the following areas are covered:

1. The theory of the double vicious circle

2.  The discovery and development of dantian force

3.  The use of dantian force to treat others

4.   The main Buqi treatment techniques

At the end of this course each student will have gained an insight into how it is possible to use these techniques to treat others. They will be able to use the techniques to treat family and friends.

This course is open to all and previous experience is not necessary. The techniques taught are also very useful for medical doctors, other health practitioners and teachers of exercise systems. It is not necessary to continue with the professional course unless you wish to treat on a professional basis. You may still use the treatment techniques on friends and family.

The full professional training follows on from this course and takes place over two and a half years; during this time we study in detail the origin and treatment of specific diseases. There are 8 weekends, a diagnosis course, a period of clinical training and a written exam. Upon completion, a Buqi Certificate will be given. After completing case studies the student will be awarded the Buqi Diploma.

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